Having come to dog ownership later in life we had no idea how little we knew about how to deal with a puppy. Max was barking at visitors, would not accept his harness, pulling on the lead. The only thing we had succeeded at was toilet training. Our vet referred us to Trish and she put us on the right track kindly and without the need for classes. We solved the harness issue very quickly with rewarding Max for stepping into it and that was the start of bonding with him. We learned how to deal with the barking and feel much more relaxed having people over. We will call on Trish if we have issues in the future.

Rosemary, Bob and Max


Everything changed for our dog Chapter when our first baby arrived. We had read some articles online and had no confidence that we could cope. Trish came to us for two visits after our daughters arrival and we learned how to notice if Chapter was stressed and how to help him deal with the changes. We learned what Chapter could cope with and what he couldn’t and how to safely manage the times he needed a break from a crying baby. Once Abigail is moving around and walking we will look to Trish for advice on how to handle things. My Parents also sat in on the consult and that means everyone is working to the same plan. I can honestly say anyone with a baby and dog who has worries about how life will change for your dog should book a Dog and Storks consult with Trish.

The Munroe Family


Amber came from West Yorkshire Rescue and they recommended Trish for dealing with her reaction to other dogs. We are still working on Amber’s issues but she has come a long way and we know how to deal with her fears. The neighbours have noticed the improvement in her and that is a relief. Amber loves seeing Trish arrive.

Ian and Amber, Huddersfield