1 on 1 Help: Rehome & Rescue Dogs

Getting the best out of a new Start

Three of my Dogs were re-homed to me from rescue. They have all benefited from help with various issues they had including separation anxiety, reactivity towards dogs and people, and noise phobia.

I have spent several years working with Dog Rescue and have a particular passion with helping these dogs to enjoy their chance at a new home life.

A Rescue Dog consult takes place at your home as soon as possible after you bring your rescue dog home. We can talk you through the early introductions and talk about expectations and how much you can teach and train in the first days. You will learn how to read Canine stress signals so that you can gauge what your dog is able for with new introductions and understand his view of our world. Multi-dog households will also benefit from learning how to do introductions and you will learn how to read your dogs body language to ensure that they all get along.

For multi-dog households thinking of adopting another dog we can help with matching your dogs personality and abilities by visiting the rescue with you. For family dogs we can help with selecting a temperament and breed appropriate dog to enjoy and an active and busy family life.

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