1 to 1 Help: Puppies

Puppy Lifeskills Classes and Puppy Lifeskills at Home 1 to 1 Consultation.

Having a new Puppy in your household is an exciting time and from the time your puppy arrives it is learning how to live in our world. We are often bombarded with well meaning advice on how to raise a puppy and it can be difficult and confusing to understand what the best method is.

At doginthehouse we use proven, rewards based, positive training methods. We will ensure that you understand the way dogs learn and our aim is that you become the responsible, confident, knowledgeable and compassionate owner your dog needs.

You will learn how to deal with common puppy issues such as:

  • How to handle mouthing and nipping
  • Toilet training
  • Socialisation and dog/dog interactions
  • Crate training for your Puppy
  • Exercise and the importance of Play
  • Introducing Basic Training and Manners
  • Safe and Fun interaction between Children and Dogs.

As a presenter of the Family Paws Parent Education Program we welcome children to classes and encourage them to learn handling skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Puppy Lifeskills Classes

Classes are limited to six puppies but your puppy may have a number of handlers attend. Puppies should be aged 10 – 18 weeks of age and have had their initial vaccination. A list of suitable toys and equipment to bring along are listed on the enrolment form.

Please get in touch  and we will be in touch with a suitable start date.

Puppy Lifeskills At Home Consultation

At Home Training should ideally start when you first bring your puppy home. This is an ideal way to start training if several people in your household will have responsibility for raising your pup. We will cover the same Puppy Lifeskills Program as we use in our puppy classes and also introduce Socialisation Skills away from the home. This program is especially suited to families with young children as we can cover aspects of the Family Paws Program.

We can also provide a Consultation prior to choosing a Family dog to help you look at the suitability of certain breeds. We can provide insightful advice on why one breed may suit different aspects of your household and set you out on the right path for a satisfying and rewarding relationship with your dog.

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