1 to 1 Help: Growly Dogs

Calming your Canine

Many dogs display behaviour their owners are struggling to deal with. Some of these behaviours are fear based, some dogs will have aggression issues. Your dog may be barking or lunging at oncoming dogs, or unable to interact safely with dogs in your neighbourhood. Frequently dogs struggle with self control and their behaviour can be confused with aggression. It is important to find out the what, why and where of these behaviours in order to begin a program to bring about change.

It can be very isolating when you are the owner of a dog who exhibits these behaviours and many of us find the plans we had for sociable, relaxed dog outings are curtailed.

If you find yourself avoiding taking your dog out in your neighbourhood or dread walks and meeting oncoming dogs a 1 to 1 session to asses your dog will help us to pinpoint your dogs issues. Most of the dogs needing assessment are unable to attend group classes and indeed should not do so as this will very likely make the issue worse.

I work with a few different methods to help dogs regain their trust in the environment. Behaviour adjustment training (BAT) uses a controlled environment to teach your dog the response we want. We use positive, rewards based Training and only progress at a pace that your dog and yourself can deal with.

You may progress to group walks or a group Feisty dog class. Initial training session will take place at your home and surroundings you are likely to take your dog to.

My Belgian Malinois Chara has had issues with oncoming dogs and owning a reactive dog gives me a very good idea of how it feels to be on that end of the lead. We have worked with several methods to give her the confidence to deal with her environment and she is making good progress.

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