1 to 1 Help: Families & Dogs

Children and Dogs; safe together with Family Paws Programs

Trish is a Licensed Presenter with Family Paws Parent Education. This International Program was created by a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant to address the concerns of Families who had questions with regards to babies, toddlers and the family dog.

We offer Two Educational Programs:

Dogs and Storks

Dogs and Storks is an educational program that helps expecting families with dogs get ready for life with a baby. We offer positive, practical solutions to challenges that often arise when a family with a dog adds a new baby to the household. We provide answers to your questions about babies, dogs and safety.

  • Thorough preparation, because prevention is the best cure.
  • On-going Support
  • Practical solutions, from do-it-yourself techniques to hands-on help.
  • Expert guidance.

Dogs and Toddlers

Dogs and Toddlers is an educational program that helps families with dogs and toddler age children, create safety and harmony at home. We offer positive, practical and fun solutions to challenges that often arise in families during your child’s early development years. Common trouble spots between toddlers and dogs in a home can be safely managed with techniques you will learn at a Dogs and Toddlers 1 to 1 session or workshop.

  • Insight into how your changing family dynamics may affect your dog.
  • Ongoing support and education.
  • Practical and fun solutions.

The Dogs and Storks Program is available as a 1 to 1 session for expectant parents in your own home. Grandparents or extended family who may care for your child and dog are very welcome to attend these sessions.

The Dogs and Toddlers Program is available as either a 1 to 1 session in your home or in a group class setting. Group class locations are available in various locations, please contact us for details. For all Family Paws Parent Education Programs we can provide a Skype consult if distance is an issue.

Family Paws

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