About Trish

Trish Mahon

A lifelong dog owner, I was volunteering with rescue charities in my teens. In 2010 I was looking at a return to Vet Nursing but having taken on a rescue Jack Russell, I discovered that my Veterinary Nursing background did not equip me to deal with behavioural issues that were causing Ruby stress. And so I began my Dog Training journey.

In 2011 I went to India to train with the world renowned Trainer John Rogerson and discovered two of my passions: the Belgian Shepherd dog, and the value of tracking and nose work for reactive dogs. Ruby has since been joined by rescues Shelby; a collie, Chara; a Belgian Shepherd, and most recently Madison who came to us at eight weeks and is another Belgian Shepherd. Rescue cat Thomas completes the pet family.

I am currently completing the International Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional Program.

Over the past several years I have attended seminars, workshops and Dog Training master-class with some of the most renowned Dog Trainers and Behaviourists in the world. I am committed to continuing my education and also look to the human side of learning so that I can bring the best methods of learning science to your experience as a dog owner.

the Mahon gangIn 2012 I was mentored by Jennifer Shyrock, Creator and founder of Family Paws Parent Education. I am now a Presenter of International Programs, Dogs and Storks, and Dogs and Toddlers.

Both Shelby and Chara are benefiting from ongoing training in tracking and scent-work for issues with reactivity and sensitivity. Trish and Shelby have been Search and Rescue training with Irish Search Dogs.