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All classes, training and education at doginthehouse follows the most progressive, up to date, Force-Free methods of training for you and your pet. We use food, toys and play to reward your dog for the correct decision and to motivate him to want to repeat the correct behaviour in the future. We use clicker depending on the interest and abilities of the owner in using this skill. Children especially enjoy using clicker with their dogs and it helps to encourage and create self-control from both dog and child.

Family Paws Programs are available as a 1 to 1 option or group class setting. See Family Paws Page for options and descriptions of the class structure.

Calm Your Canine consultations will help your dog gain confidence and social skills. Most of these training sessions take place at your home and outdoors in your neighbourhood. We build on your dogs skills using a calm dog with a handler to teach your dog a new way to react when he is feeling stressed. Anyone who walks or handles your dog would attend these sessions to learn leash and relaxation techniques with your dog.

Rescue and rehomed dogs session are 1 to 1 in your own home. This may include some elements of the Family Paws Program if you are introducing a rescue dog to children in your family.

Puppy Life-skills class is limited to 6 puppies and are currently running in various locations. Please get in touch for the next dates available. This program uses a combination of the Life skills program developed by the University of Lincoln and also the Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Right Start Program.

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